Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute Phone.. cute giler sampai nk nangis

i received an email from Hugo.. and these phones are sooooo coooolll n chic.. OMG!! i want one!!!
i wish i could have one of these.. if u guys get some windfall and out of sudden wanna gimme something, but hove no idea .. one of this babies will DO... yeaaa.. the phone spec, x kisah sangat. as long as i can make a phone call and text, that would be awesome enuff.. simple je kan..hehe.. oh ya by the way, kalau nk hadiah kan kt i, bleh x cari yg ada english language, cz i can read Jepuns..

If anyone of u where to get pink phone like this, letme know.. yg plain pun xpe.. sbb saya tau kt mana bleh letak detailing tu...

matelic pink surface wif lil cupid..

furcia pink wif simple detailing.. sweet..

for purple lovers, this one is for you. =)

love those roses and crystal!!

lock me in your heart and throw away the key..
so i'll be forever there... <--jiwang x hengat..

this is when i say MORE is MORE.. hands down..

this phone screams SIMPLE n SWEET!!

those pearls, crystals and roses really compliment the design of the phone..
soooo chioo..

who says black doesn't go wif pastel colours. this proves u wrong =)

and who says you can't be feminine with black..


dYRa said...

comei nyerr ;)

thezaila said...


sangat comei sampai nk nangis..

AzUraAa said...

mak aii..sayang nak bwk kuar bjalan nih..cantik sgt..hehehe..

thezaila said...

mmg sayang zura.. tp gaya giler...
ni bleh menggantikan gelang tangan.. wakakkaa