Tuesday, December 16, 2008

fuuiihh.. it's been a week, or maybe more there isn't any posting.. been busy, been malas.. yup.. malas is the suitable word.. =)

a think at this time around, what can i say is.. i'm so malas to update my blog.. i'm getting fatter. seriously, i'm fat now and i have double chin!! aaa.. makan banyak lagi.. and at this time around i still thinking bout food.. ooo i wish i could have goreng pisang rite now... gheee.. i love love goreng pisang.. pisang tanduk is the BEST!!!!

oh ya... my mom cook ikan keli for today's dinner.. yehhaaaa... nothing can beat mom's cooking. whose with me?? put ur hands in the air... its good to have mom's cook everyday.. hehe.. cakap je la yg i mmg x suka masak.. seriously, moms' cook is the best. even when my mom balik kampung pun, she's looking forward to have my grand mom's cooking...

bila nk seman ek.. panjat bukit pun dah x buat dah.. *sigh* .. but can't wait for my futsal session tomorrow.. futsal, here i come!!!!

ok people, i believe, ikan keli masak sambal is waiting for me.. got to go..

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