Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i need a break..

office been hectic with loads of task.. life.. omg!! hectic x igt.. as per today, i have more or less 6 bottles of kuih raya to be baked.. huhuhu... can't wait to deliver all the kuih raya.. selagi x bagi semua kuih raya yg orang order.. selagi tu x tenang..

in the day.. work in the office.. in the evening.. quickly rush home to bake more cookies..sampai kan buka puasa minggu lepas pun kena balik cecepat lepas berbuka.. mau x menggel n cuak kalau kuih org x siap.. i'm not sure whether i'm be able to bake some for myself or not.. biasa la kan.. sokmo gitu dah.. tokeh kuih.. xde kuih .. tokeh baju.. xde baju utk diri sendiri.. =)

yesterday i digged a basket in my parents's room.. hehe. i found a voucher from a small spa in TTDI.. i guess this weekend i can use some massages or a body scrub.. plus it is free.. a few hundres voucher.. ghee i really need a good-relaxing massage... can't wait till this saturday.. =D

oh ya.. my future-bro-in-lwa is coming back with week.. kalau x silap, i'm gonna get my pink ixus.. yebedabeduuuuuu..(kalau la ada.. hari tu kata dah beli).. so every time i'm snapping pics using that pinky ixus.. u will definitely see my almond london n corn flakes in my camera.. hell yeah i'm using my kuih money for the new pinky ixus.. =) harap2 ada la.. jgn la si ngah ni buat janji palsu ngn i.. very the x suka hokey... kalau ngah x beli kn.. korang siap sedia gelak kan aku secara berjemaah..

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