Thursday, September 25, 2008

fully loaded weekend..

last week i had 3 break fast invitation.. aduss.. mana x menggelabahkan.. kuih berbalang2 nk kena buat.. bleh plak bantai buka pose kt luar.. mmg mencari nahas la... the fist one was with muffin's fren.. i don't have any photo.. ye la kan.. baru jumpa dior 2 3 kali .. kalau buat perangai nk snap snap gambo je. kang apa plak dier kata kan.. gayat ke minah ni.. ok.. that was on friday..

on sunday.. ada berbukan ngn bebudak kustem.. (x biasa nk menyebut UMT.. kan generasi KUSTEM kan.. KUSTEM rockss!!!). x yah la upload gambo kt sini.. korang semua pun udah nengok nya..

oh ya.. saturday, berbuka with all samadian frens. at sYaz's place.. rmh dier.. humang aih .. punya la besar.... lama x jumpa.. lotsa stories to tell.. since its pot luck.. we brought something to eat.. end up nya berlambak2 makanan.. cepat nya masa berlalu..masaing2 dah berubah..

Samadian SPM 2001.. some of them came later the nite.. but me n syikin, we need to get off early (awal la sangat.. pukul baru balik..huhu.. the rest datang lagi lambat)

BFF.. me n miss petite syikin

Fu Ken and i not sure who she is?? sape ek..?

the Guys..
the girls.. shalin.. u shouldn't be in this pic.. u r not samadian plus u ar e not even 12 yet.. sorry dear..huhu.. jangan marah ek.. jut kidding.

me n my class mate.. liza boey.. we sit together in th e5B.

Fu Ken n azzahir... Fu Ken used to have verrryyy less hair.. he usually shave bold.. but look him now..dread lock tu.. yeah no women no cry.. azzahir.. seriously, i didn't recognize him when he entered the living room.. tot he is rafiq's fren or cousin or what eve.. when i was chit chat with chee minh, he join the conversation.. alamak.. he is this guy la. seriously x igt.. i tgk syikin, syikin tgk i.. and later on, syikin daaringly popped a question.. "err.. i don't mean to be rude, were u in same batch with us??" and he say yes.. then i popped a question.. "do u remember me.." cz i know if he knows me.. definitely i know this fella.. i never forget people names.. "yeah, i remember u.. u r hidayah rite. we were together in 5B".. holly cow!! sapa ni.. and i quikcly change the topic and ask chee minh who else is getting married.. tetiba .. BAMMM... "omg!!! u r azzahir rite... damn, u look different.."aa hamik ko...

syaz,me n syikin

ada plak sesi menjawab soklan.. mmg paling x gomar la.. i wrote crap.. we even copy.. can u imagine.. copying ur frens'answer when the question is"what is the most unforgettable memories in samad.." i told you the question is damn difficult to answer..

wrote with cryon since we only have less than 5 pens.. favourite teacher : puan sharifah.. wth!!!oh i had an argument with this teacher.. never like her.. not in a zillion years...
sukma asked me whether i still remember the prefectorial's motto.. lancar je aku jawab "one family no holes." it came form nowhere.. ever since i left the school, x pernah pun tulis or sebut motto ni... well,you can alway take a girl out from Samad, but u can't take out Samad from a Samadian girl..=)
chit chat..

may we should do this more frequent..

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