Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Euuwwww.. Hate this muffin top..

When I first come across this contest on the Advertlets, I quickly rush to the web site of and the first thing I checked out was the classes offered. The have like 4 categories and of course, Dance Class caught my attention. Whenever I pay a visit to gym web site, I always look at the classes.

After clicking the link, OMG they have endless list of dance classes (ok. I exaggerate a bit. But its definitely quite a list) =) suka suka.. yaayyyy!!!!! Oh I started to fall in love with Celebrity Fitness already. They have lotsa dance classes that include Latino, Ritmo, Jazz, Belly Fusion, Pop, Celebrity, Street Jam, just to name a few. Whoa.. I’m impress. To those who loves clubbing but have two left feet or has got no move (where your dance moves just like ‘mencucuk bintang di langit), you’ve got to try this one as they do provide MTV style/dance. Oh yes baby….Bring it on!!! Other than that they also offer Yoga Classes, Cardio & Energy and Body Toning. All under one roof!!!!

Previously, I used to be a regular TTFC. Definitely love the Latino steps.. yeah, been to yoga class once, and I love it. However since the class is held on Friday, selalu tak dapat pergi.. It’s TGIF!!!!! =) Ever since I move to this new co, I no longer have change to visit gym. Huhu.. Can’t afford it at this time as I have a BIG project at this moment..L adooiiii. Celebrity fitness n Advertlets pleasee pick me..

I have a major wardrobe malfunction. I have BELLY!! Yes. Almost like muffin top.. Eeuwwwww… Omg I just reveal my flaw. Yup and I do this in the name to become the winner for FREE MEMBERSHIP from Celebrity Fitness. I believe everybody always wanted a gorgeous, hot sexy body but it just we don’t have time (excuse), proper attire (another excuse). An according to a research done, almost 44% of Malaysian does not live life healthy.

For the past 3 month I’ve put up almost 3 kilos, seriously! I just got no time to go exercise. I did some workout now and then but not that consistent. Everyday I reach home bout almost 7. And of course I can’t go to the park at 8. Ghee I really need a gym membership. Some of my friends took slimming product in order to get skinnier, but I just don’t buy that. My mom used to be on a strict diet(after been advice by her doc) where she didn’t take any fried food and exercise regularly, and it WORKS!!! Oh ya, did I mentioned that she is a police. To start a work regime is just a piece of cake. Ever since then, she advice me to exercise regularly and never ever try to take any slimming product. Hey what can I say, she is the living proof of a healthy lifestyle. She jogs everyday bout 45 minutes. I bet if I have to race with her she will definitely wins. Mama u r my role model.

Currently, looking at my wardrobe, is like disaster. Almost half of it dah tak boleh pakai.. alamak!! Die lor.. I used to be in size S and now I have to put on M. I guess a free gym membership from Celebrity Fitness will be perfect. I guess I’m the perfect cut for the membership coz I’m definitely not a good shape plus I’m representing an everyday people. And I believe, this everyday people should be given a change and hence (is possible la) become the ambassador. Dun get me wrong. Amber Chia has a perfect body and I wish mine is something like hers. But I guess if the people who have weight problem specially with those belly and at the end get the desire body by exercising, it would be perfect for example for others. =) just my 2 cent.

Till then , I hope to hear good news from Celebrity Fitness and Advertlets

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