Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miss USA.. oppss we did it again

People tends to think that what ever comes from US is the in thing to do. from music, fashion, life style, bla bla bla and the list goes on and on. However, falling on the runway is definitely, totally not the in thing to do especially when u fall on a runway where the whole wide world are watching it.. what an international humiliation. yup its true. this thing happened to miss US in 2 consecutive years(2007,2008).. wohooo... are u gonna set the trend here miss America?? sorry we need to pass on this not COOL.. emmm alrite.. lates just thing bout it.. let say the beauty pageant people has decide to have a segment call "evening-gown-n-pose-the best-fall-u-can".. huhuhu.. how's that gonna be.. one word! Hilarious!! maybe by seeing this, the audience will totally forget bout the World Peace.. Soooo sad..
Almaklum la... Beauty pageant n world peace mmg x dpat dipisahkan..

Miss USA 2007

Miss USA 2008

Willl Miss USA create a history with a hetrick fall on the runway in evening gown..? we'll shall wait n see..

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