Friday, July 04, 2008

me and the diet .. again..

yea.. me and my diet thing.. frankly speaking, i'm kinda wired when some peoples said that i'm thin..(mmg la ada yg kata i put on weight. tp yg kata kurus tu lagi ramai la).. after i've moved to new place, i gained 3 kilos and that makes me 55kg!!!! omg!! double omg!! why do i gained weight?? sebab seronok keje kt tempat baru.. could be... sebab kt sini makanan murah x henggat.. definitely. just imagine i only spend average rm3 for my lunch.. meal nya lengkap dgn ikan or ayam sayur bagai.. if suddenly i want to reward myself(for no reason), i will have big feast.. makan busat.. fried chicken+sambal ikan keli+wantan+fish cake+vege.. and do guys have any idea how much this cost me rm4.5o.. no kidding.. serious..

at my previous co, normal lunch yg dok makan nasi goren biasa tu je, it cost me bout rm7.. dah klcc namanya kang...

so yesterday while chat with deeI, and the both on us want to be skinny thin, so we both come with a diet plan. its a short term plan.. we dun want to go for long term target coz me personally will forget bout it.. so what we planned was, to eat less and do a lil exercise in the evening.. so basically after 2 hours dinner before go to bed, probably we could some sit up, reverse crunch and jane fonda cycling thinggy(i have know idea does it called).

so our dateline would be in the nest one week time. and my personal target to set the decipiline, and eat less than usual.. the 2nd week then i expect to loose 1 or 2 cm or maybe 1 kg..

huhuhu.. giler determine nk kurus.. i shall update bout the progress.. hehehe.. if u guys want to know the result la...huhuhu..


dyana said...

ok..jgn mengelat tau! hehe.. (i just had fish n chips + ice blended coffee for lunch)

thezaila said...

confirm cik dee.. ada yg i buat.. tp x sampai 20 pun.. x larat..