Friday, July 18, 2008

Estee Lauder Companies Sale

Products Offered



Skin Care

Time : 8am to 3pm



Renaissance Hotel

remember earlier this month i had an entry saying that i wanna do a 'lil' bit of shooping.. so tomorrow i'm off to estee lauder staff sale.. from i what i heard from people went to the sale last year, it was a huge-crazy sale., where they really marked down the price.. gheee..
yesterday i did google on this sale.. omg!!! its going to be huge people.. last year people started to queue like 7 in the morning.. and i just read from a blog, he suggested that who ever wnats to go to tomorrow's sale, need be there by 5am.. u gotta be kidding me!! wah gilak la.. lepas subuh dah gerak ke sana..

so i need to survey a few staff, so that tomorrow i just need to go n grab... so till i update u guys.. daaaaaa

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