Wednesday, September 05, 2007

go online..!!!!

This morning I browse a few pages on clothing.. there are a few stuff that caught my eyes.. and I’ve tried to order.. ghee am I addicted to online shopping or what..? is online shopping is a good idea or what.. I don’t know.. sometimes I wonder, can people on the internet can be trusted.. I don’t know. I did purchase something through net.. masa tu tawakal je la.. kalau dapat.. it’s good.. kalau x.. mungkin bukan rezeki.. lagi pn benda yg i beli tu x la mahal pn.. so if anything happen.. xde la ralat sangat..

Why shopping online??? Nak kata xde masa sangat x jugak.. I always have time for window shopping.. but.. seriously.. jarang yg ada berkenan di hati dan poket..(hahah itu la sebab yg paling utama sekali) lagi pn.. kalau browse benda2 kt net.. lagi best.. with don’t have to deal wif those sales girl who follow us to every single inch on the shop..”excuse me.. can you gimme some space..”

Am I a shopaholics.. ??? guess not.. and hopefully I am not!! But according to syud, I might have this shopaholic syndrome.. yup the “just-in-case syndrome”.. if I go for shopping , most of the time I ended up buying stuff that I might not using it.. ”who knows, if future we might need it.. Just in case…” if I’m away for kampong, I always bring 6-7 pairs of clothing although its only for two days.. “ya.. just in case if I want to mandi sungai.. just in case its raining n x sempat nk basuh baju.. just in case if I pergi kebun.. just in case…”.. hopefully the syndrome stop there.. I don want and I don’t need another shopaholic syndrome and end up making me a shopaholic myself.. seraaammmm akak..

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