Monday, June 25, 2007

Samadian ..Reunite..

(not in pic kev, razak and steven)

Actually, I wanted tp post this entry last Friday, but I forgot to transfer the pic. And today I grabbed from Syaz friendster.. thanx babe!!!

Friday, 22 June 2007
Yesterday my fren n i had this tiny miny gathering.. the samdians of course... so it was me, Syikin, Syaz, Liza, Kevin, Iris, Razak n steven... actually its like not really a samadian gathering but more likely meeting up frens(couples of samadians) and catch up things...(Syikin is Market Analyst whose doing great, Syaz still studying medicine – occupation : student cum part-time model cum doctor-to-be.. Liza is working in HCBC.. Coolll!!!) so basically we suppose to meet at 9.30 or 10. It was Razak’s idea. And the gals were early.. so while waiting for the rest, we grabbed something to much... shrimp spegetti and lasagne was so appetizing.. Yummy.. Then came the cheff – Kev…he is really .. I don’t know what to say. For the past three years, he’s in oversea.. Doing what!!! Cooking of cz.. Duhhhh..And he’s earning five figure pay check..Wut da …!!!!Hey big boy, u r going great!!

Later on Iris and Razak turned up.. They still look the same but suddenly Syaz screamed..”are you guys on diet..??Good…” . And I was puzzled at the time.. They still look the same and why is Syaz said they go on diet..”Hidayah, you should look at them a month ago.. besar betul..”.. ghee wat has u guys been eating while I was “by the sea”(I studied in this uni by the sea NOT oversea)… anyway,u people look great now.. Next, Steven came.. ”Hello people”..and everybody was shocked..”Steven why are u so tanned.. “ I wonder, did he go to the tanning salon or wut!!!“Dun freak out la.. I’ve been working at the construction site..” I see.. no wonder.. and suddenly Liza popped this statement, “so, u must be having along with the Indons la..” “ya.. n I guess he already switch he’s music to dangdut”.. hahaha.. .

Its good to see you people doing great at what ever you do.. and I’m looking forward to the Samdian gathering. And please pick somewhere quieter than Laundry Bar so we can chat.Yesterday we were like screaming all the time yesterday as they were this band performing yesterday. It was a good music though.. J

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