Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jone Cena VS Kevin Federline

holiday was ok.. oh ya.. yesterday while i was cleaning up my laptop, i 'accidentally' watched WWE. yup WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).. yeah i do watch wrestling once in d while. i still remember i used to be a big fan of WWF (last time its known as World Wrestling Federation).. in fact i used to buy this CDs. i dun have Astro back when i was 15.. so to watch d
latest show, my brother n i decided to buy CD. my best fren (syikin), also another fan of WWF. so basically we always exchanged CDs..

although i know all those punching, kicking, blood and wat-or-eva is totally fake and drama,dduuhh, but who cares.. i watch for d sake of entertainment. anyway, dat is not my entry is all about..

can u actually give it a guess who were in d match last nite.. open ur eyes big and read dis. the match is between John Cena (oohhh... good looking huh?) and Kevin Federline (wat!!!). yup.. Its K .Fed. wat the hell in d world was he thinking of joining WWE. come on K.Fed in wat aspect u
think dat u can beat John Cena..talent..?no way.. masculine body..? not even close.. handsome-charming face..? not in a zillion years..

if u ask me who could win d match, it is clear cut dat JCena can beat KFed easily. even a 10-years-old-boy can tell dat. but actually Kfed won d match..shock!! naa.. not really.. at d beginning of d match, KFed made an announcement dat d match gonna be NDM (No-Disqualification-Match) wat d d middle of d mach, here come Umaga. aarrrgghhh.. and u d wat happened d rest of d match..

so KFed.. after ur divorced wif britney, started ur singing career (which is definitely a flop), WWE (d place u shouldn’t be. even not in d next millennium).. wats next.. y dun u give a try on Rhythmic gymnastic . can't wait 2 c ya in td leotards...

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