Thursday, August 03, 2006

... alive... and.. breathing...

...Aloha people.. hahhaha.. i'm back.. yup alive and breathing.. . ghee it's been ages since i post d last entry.. been busy(yeah right).... it's difficult to write anything when ur house doesn't has internet access n ur only laptop goes coo-coo... nothing much bout me.. 'lepak'ing around.. luckily i did'nt 'kena' wif my mom.. basically, i'm on my job hunt.. want to find sumthing dat i like to do.. u know, it's a torture (did i get d spelling rite.. hehhehe.. since when i am concern wif d spelling. in fact, i always get spelling error..huhuhu) to do sumting u don't really like doing it... n now, here i'm,finding d best job on the planet earth n enjoy my lyf to d max n be successful @ d same time.. gimme like 6 month, and we'll see.. bak kata dR, "tak sabar rasa nya nk jadi kaya.."

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