Wednesday, November 30, 2005

raya.. a year ago....

emm.. Today is the 24th day of Syawal. It means that we have only a few days left before saying good bye to the month of syawal. During raya festive, people takes this opportunity to host a gathering a.k.a "open house".. Gee I love to attend open house.. This is the chance that i got to get together wif families and friends..

Last year, my housemate and I managed to host an open house. It was fun. We did it with out any present from our moms.. We did the preparations on our own.. Two days before the 'big day' we went to the wet market to get all the dry stuff.. Lucky i have all the kakaks -kak noreen, kak aisyah, kak daren and kak aiza.. Things become easier with thier present.. once we got back, we went to the neighbors and invited them to come to our home.. Oh ya we did invite our frens and seniors. ooo.. i tell ya its a big number of invitations.. Around 100++..Fuhh.. Later on we hunt each and every pot that could ever find since we don't have complete equipments..

One day before the 'big day'.. Early in the morning we got
ourselves to the wet market again.. And this time we bought the wet ingredients.. After we reach home, everyone got their hands on the house chores.

oo... i almost forget, we did the event excatly on Pot's birthday..(excatly i year and 2 days ago..).. That night, Pot bought a couple of pizzas, side dishes and soft drinks to celebrate her bday.. Later on that night, i baked 'kek batik'..thanks to kak aiza for lending me your hand..
Its 'the day'.. The guess arrived at 2.30 although they can come on 2 p.m. Yeah.. nobady wants to turn up to be the first to reach at the events... its in Malaysians blood.. heheh..
I was so happy when most of the turned up. Everyone was happy.. I was glad that they are
happy ether.. It fells good when we get everyone to gather around. Sitting around, chit-chatting, good food and good friends too..

Late that evening, it was raining.. After all the guess went back home, we took a rest.. In the evening, around 9.00 my lecturer and few of my friends came.. They couldn't make during the day.. After I had our munch, we went outside and played fire cracker.. All we need are steel wool and iron hanger.. We managed to catch the residents attentions with those fire sparks.. Like a magnet, they came to our house to get a closer look.. Interesting..
This hold event ended around 10 p.m.. After washed all the dishes, all of us off to bed and slept like a baby...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Although it was tiring, I enjoyed myself to the max... and I’m really looking forward to next gatherings... :D

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