Thursday, November 17, 2005

Beauty Tips

Hi girls... I would like to share a few beauty tips.. I am not an expert in 'make-up'ing thingy. Just catch up those tips through magazines and web sites.

Are you afraid to slash out mascara while wearing contact lens.. Afraid that mascara will smear and get into your eyes and end up you will like dead zombie walking. Dun worry girl. Grab something that waterproof so that it won't smear even though you are sweating like guinea pigs

Second tips. Are you usually neglecting the usage of lip liner? Well if you want your lips to look fuller, try to use a lip pencil in the same color as your lips and draw a line just outside your natural lip line to make the lips appear fuller.

If u r in hurry or on-the-go and want to look your best, try to apply a little brusher on your cheek. It will give you a healthy glow...

All right, till now. Daaa....

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